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AC The Promoter-The Campolation, Vol. 1 – 2014

01 Mind of a Boss (Remix) (feat. S.A Shorty, King Lil G)
02 Show Me (feat. Brown Boy, S.A Shorty, Melissa Lujan)
03 Detonation (feat. Fierro)
04 Work It Out (feat. S.A Shorty, Rush Wun)
05 Its About That (feat. Zig Zag, WIX)
06 Codine Cups & Philly Blunts (feat. Solja Sick)
07 So Good (feat. Bobby James, S.A Shorty)
08 Real Man (feat. Zig Zag, Fierro)
09 Late Night Music (feat. Rush Wun)
10 Darling Baby (feat. FT, WIX)
11 You Got Me Like (feat. Solja Sickm MC Fresh)
12 Picture Us Rollin´ (feat. S.A Shorty)
13 Everything Slow (feat. Fierro)
14 Time to Make Money (feat. FT, WIX)
15 Score to Be Settled (feat. Focus One, Solja Sick)
16 Let You Go (feat. Unique, Fierro)
17 Last Breath (feat. FT, WIX)
18 Where I Wanna Be (feat. Zig Zag, Solja Sick, MC Fresh)