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Beast Mode-Valley 2 Da Bay Vol. 2 – 2018 – CR

01 Intro 
02 Yapper N C-Loc Mufukaz 
03 Poppin (Feat. Young J) 
04 Down (Feat. The Poet, Bigg Loop) 
05 Bout My Doe (Feat. The Poet) 
06 Cumbia 
07 Dumb Thizzed Out (Feat. Krown Vic) 
08 Still (Feat. Nessie Trujillo) 
09 DGAF (Feat. Triggaboy Dee) 
10 No Love (Feat. Cisko) 
11 Thuggin N Ridin (Feat. The Poet, Nick Nasty, Mousie) 
12 Gang Hype (Feat. Big Oso Loc) 
13 FTOS (Feat. Happy) 
14 Red Flagz N Artillery (Feat. Speedy) 
15 Central California (Feat. The Poet, Chente Corleone, Sonny Boy Lokzter, Cisko, Bigg Loop) 
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