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Big Gunplay Loc-Life In Da Hood – WEB – 2018 – ESG

01 Intro 
02 Life in da Hood 
03 4 da Movement (feat. Ree Realz da Super Star, King Infent & G.T Rob) 
04 You Don't Even Know 
05 Admit It (feat. Coup De Ville) 
06 Sixman of the Year 
07 No Time (feat. King Infent & Yung Dboi) 
08 Everybody Knows 
09 Money (feat. Ree Realz da Super Star & G.T Rob) 
10 Music Man 
11 Just Like My Daddy (feat. Big Taz) 
12 Cuz Me 
13 Chalaloulou (feat. Ashjuan da Last Don) 
14 Blowed By (feat. Cali Boi Skitz) 
15 Youngest of the Veterans 
16 Who Didn't Know Dat (feat. Spoolie da Relic) 
17 Hamma Game up Ta Par 
18 What Is It (feat. Speedball Jordan & Fly Guy Deboy) 
19 I Kill You 
20 In da Distance (feat. Fly Guy Deboy, Yung Dboi & King Infent) 
21 Valley Boy (feat. Miss Diamond) 
22 She Gone Fuc wit a Real 1 (feat. Ree Realz da Super Star & W.B. Tank) 
23 Recripalous (feat. Big Taz) 
24 Reaper Ride By (feat. Bleezo da Protocol & Ree Realz da Super Star)