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Big Oso Loc & Don Changolini-Golden State Homeboys – 2015

01 Norte Siding Tribute 
02 Killed a Snitch 
03 Mob (Feat. Tweety Bird & Baby Loko) 
04 North Side (Feat. Big Loc) 
05 Yeah He Go 
06 Hustle Man (Feat. Grumpy & Villian) 
07 Boots on the Yard (Feat. Big Rome & Gilly Loco) 
08 Do What We Gotta Do (Big Oso Loc solo) (Feat. Rhino) 
09 West Coast With Me(Feat. Villian, Paco Via & Sharron) 
10 Northern Zoo 
11 They Ain't Living That (Feat. Smokey Loc, Fat Danny, Young Mountain, Pops, Mousie & Filthy Fill) 
12 N's Up (Don Changolini solo) (Feat. Paco Via & DJ 40oz) 
13 Man's World (Don Changolini solo)(Feat. Kreep, Young Loc & Smokey Loc) 
14 Norteno Love S/0 
15 Do or Die (Don Changolini solo) (Feat. Mad Dog, Bear, Young Hec & Fat Rayzor)