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Bigg Quint & Jay Hustler-Think Bigg – 2015

01 Think Bigg 
02 We Workin Ova Here (Feat. 9milli) 
03 Bring That Mobb Shit Back 
04 Peaceful Place (Feat. Rayge) 
05 Sidewayz (Feat. Telly Mac) 
06 Let's Get Drunk 
07 Ride On Em (Feat. Prodeje Of Soun Central Cartel) 
08 So High (Feat. Big Tone , Smoke Of Total Devastation) 
09 Time 2 Get It In (Feat. Big Mack & T.E.K.) 
10 Heart Of A Giant (Feat. Ice Mac) 
11 Its Beautiful Thang (Feat. Fly Mar) 
12 Tha Flood (Feat. D. Sky) 
13 Jealousy & Envy (A Tribute To Cougnut) (Feat. S.B. Baby Cougnut) 
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