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Casper Capone, Eclipz The Hustla & Drew Present….- Life Of A Gangsta – 2015

01 Addicted To The Struggle (Feat. Mandito Brown) 
02 Ride On My Enemy (Feat. Caddilac Todd) 
03 Heat To The Block (Feat. Lil Sneaky, Mandito Brown) 
04 The Struggle Is Real (Feat. Mama OG) 
05 Heaven Or Hell (Feat. Samantha B, Lil Sneaky) 
06 If Tattoos Could Talk (Feat. Ant Locs) 
07 Keep It On Hush (Feat. C Locs) 
08 Choppa Sounds (Feat. Boogie Locs) 
09 Gangsta Homeboy (Feat. Mama OG) 
10 Praying For My Enemy (Feat. Bullet G) 
11 Dropping Tear Drops (Feat. Lil Dee, Nichol) 
12 Gangsta Love (Feat. Killa A , Samantha B) 
13 Life Of AS Gangsta  
14 Slippin In The Dark  
15 My Life I Live (Feat. Samantha B, Scruffy) 
16 Trapped In The Murder Zone (Feat. Hex) 
17 Just My Imagination