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Chiko & YBE (Lil Yogi)-GetMoneySociety (GMS) Radio Vol. 1

01. 1.YBE (Lil Yogi) Bad Bitch produced by Talent WWW.
02. 2.Chiko Rock With You
03. 3.Chiko West Affiliated produced by Jap s GrandeE
04. 4.Chiko Boss Like Chapo WWW.CHIKOGMS.COM
05. 5.Chiko Active
06. 6.YBE (Lil Yogi) Bring it Back feat.Lil G produced
07. 7.Chiko Throwed Off Remix WWW.CHIKOGMS.COM
08. 8.Chiko Swisha Bomb produced by ChikoGms WWW.CHIKO
09. 9.YBE (Lil Yogi) The Recipe
10. 10.Chiko Tatted Like A Cholo produced by ChikoGms 
11. 11.Chunkie All Mine WWW.CHIKOGMS.COM
12. 12.O Boy Ace I m A G produced by ChikoGms WWW.CH
13. 13.Killah Gwoppin
14. 14Xpression Let s Ride
15. 15.Chiko Doing Me WWW.CHIKOGMS.COM
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