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Cino B-It Ain’t Where You from, It’s Where You At – 2018

01 Still In LA (Intro)
02 Reminiscing (feat. Kozme)
03 Cali Weekend (feat. Silencer and Lil' Blacky)
04 You Ain't There (feat. Baby Wicked)
05 Halloween Mask (feat. Young Bandit and Triple G)
06 Real Recognize Real (feat. Lsd)
07 Real G's (feat. Brown Shady)
08 Paper Stack (feat. Zig Zag (NB Ridaz)
09 Killing Each Other (feat. 5th Son and Yprod)
10 It Ain´t Where You from, It's Where You At (feat. Young Bandit, Lil' Smitty and Coraima)
11 All I Wanna Be (feat. Crimiy223)
12 Do You Know How It Feels 
13 My Encore
14 Outro