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Coup DeVille-Paper Chase – 2012

01 Paper Chase Intro. 
02 Paper Chasing (feat. Lil B of S.L.A.B & R.O.T)  
03 L.O.V.E (feat. Mateo & Mista Play Boy) 
04 Moving To the Music (feat. Player City) 
05 Ball Till I Fall (feat. Tone Mr.Blakctop & Realaman) 
06 Born In This Game (feat. Jason, Flatline)  
07 Dont Belong To You (feat. Ralph Rotten & Mistah Mike)  
08 Work It Out (feat. Lyrik Of Downfall & Lil Saint)  
09 So Sexy, So Fine (feat. Hoffa Tha Truth & Chris B) 
10 Ghetto Streets (feat. Big Dave Of Downfall & R.O.T)  
11 Dub's Up, West Coast (feat. Mistah Mike & Yogy) 
12 Pain Inside (feat. Lyrik Of Downfall & Lil Saint) 
13 Dont It Look Good (feat. Twisted Villains) 
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