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Creased Up Ent. & Top Notch Thugz Presentz Tha Misterz (Mr. Lucc Mr. Siccness)-Keep It Gangsta – 2008

01 Intro 
02 Keep It Gangsta 
03 Tha Misterz 
04 Like A Low Low (feat. Zig Zag of the NB Ridaz) 
05 Big Pimpin' (feat. Padaktor) 
06 Carry On (feat. Lil G) 
07 Ridin' Fa Sho 
08 Summer Time Ridin' (feat. El Oso, Trinidy, Tony Califas) 
09 Throw It Up (feat. Lil G) 
10 Wants It Gangsta (feat. St. John) 
11 Wiggle It 
12 Feelin' What Your Thinkin' (feat. K Leigh, Lil Tri) 
13 So Confused (feat. Jessica, St. John) 
14 Runaway (feat. Siege, Siccness) 
15 Hey Girl (feat. Mr. Lucc) 
16 Long Distance Love (feat. Mr. Siccness 
17 From My City (feat. Mr. Siccness) 
18 Swervin' That Body (feat. Mr. Siccness, Rich Romance) 
19 Get It Low 
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