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Crime Family Entertainment Presents CRAZY BOY-El Nino Loco – 2020

01 No Love (feat. TakeOffLila, Julius Caesar & Bako Loco) 
02 Blessings (feat. Kujo the Savage) 
03 LAX to HNL - (feat. Aye Eyez & Chu Cho) 
04 Test Me 
05 Dead Prezidents (feat. Rascal Loco & Dinero) 
06 One Day (feat. Shanice Armenta) 
07 Og Rap Shit (feat. King Trip & Lari the G) 
08 We Move (feat. Aye Eyez) 
09 Get It in (feat. Triple C.) 
10 Who Is Out Tonight feat. (feat. Triple C & King Trip) 
11 Relax (feat. Dominator & Carolyn Rodriguez) 
12 Somethings Wrong With You Remix (feat. Cracshot, Loelitah, Dominator & Mr. Criminal) (Remix) 
13 Superstar (feat. Dominator) 
14 When I Call You Up (feat. Dominator & Shanice Armenta) 
15 California (feat. Bako Loco & Mr. Criminal)