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Duck Burgundy-Big City Playboy Pretty – 2003 – CR

01 Am I Dreaming? (feat. G-Luv & Uncle Tweet Jumper) 
02 The Fix Is On (feat. The Road Dawgs) 
03 Roll Wit Me 
04 Motivation [David McKnight as Uncle Ray] 
05 Bangers - Grinders (feat. The Road Dawgs) 
06 Pack Da Klips (feat. Kay Gee, Boobie & G-Luv) 
07 Pacific Coast Party (feat. Ray Bloom) 
08 Motivation [R.P. The American Pimp] 
09 What's Popp'n (feat. The Road Dawgs, Shawni, Ricky & Mr. Randy) 
10 It Burns (feat. Johnny 'Guitar' Watson) 
11 Freaky Duck Tale 
12 Flyin' High [Marvin Gaye] 
13 Drug Desires 
14 Cali Funk (feat. The Road Dawgs & Boobie) 
15 In Traffic (feat. G-Luv) 
16 Come On It's On 
17 Motivation [Dueja NJ & Rose Budd the American Pimp] 
18 Date Tonight 
19 Steal The Show (feat. BR The Swampy Don) 
20 Who's Choose'n (feat. Brandy & Uncle Tweet Jumper) 
21 Locali Accepted (feat. Kiava & G-Luv) 
22 City of Champs (feat. Fat Larry's Band) 
23 On Me