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Fat guy-Shut Up and Listen – 2017

01 Fat Guy Is Back 
02 Love and Hate 
03 I Knew They Would 
04 Being Real (feat. Zig Zag) 
05 Bad Habit (feat. D-Brooks) 
06 Jump in Rotation 
07 Know As a Bully 
08 Thinkin' Its Funny (feat. KingPin) 
09 Life Is What You Make It 
10 On Fly Shit (feat. DaClassic) 
11 Once a Hustler Always a Hustler 
12 Friend or Customer 
13 Starving Artist (feat. Tricito) 
14 Out of the Cage 
15 That's on My Momma 
16 I Know the Plug 
17 How You Feelin' (feat. Grymace) 
18 Team No Sleep 
19 Life Less (feat. Radio Muzic) 
20 I'm Tried 
21 Watch Me Bounce Back 
22 Now and Then 
23 I Can't Hear Shit (feat. D-Brooks) 
24 The Name Is Fat Guy. 
25 Early Rise Late Lay Down 
26 What It Takes 
27 The Limit 
28 Done Deal