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Gass-Pipe-Lost In A Cold World – 2015

01 Like A G 
02 Reason 2 Hate (Feat. Black C, Keeloz, Jd Da Hustla, X.O. Creep) 
03 The Real One 
04 F**k You 
05 Get Bodied (Feat. X.O. Creep) 
06 Paranoid Schizophrenic (Feat. Lifted) 
07 Highly Flammable (Feat. Lil Toro) 
08 Aint Got Dat Swing (Feat. Keeloz & Tb) 
09 Lost In A Cold World 
10 Paper (Feat. Keeloz) 
11 Shadow Demon Remix (Feat. X.O. Creep) 
12 Dirty Money Dividends (Feat. Big Jesus , Lil Toro) 
13 I'm Back (Feat. A.N.T. , Jd Da Hustla) 
14 God's Gift 
15 To All My Enemies (Feat. Keeloz)