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GD Up Gangsters-The Interrogation Files – (Bootleg) – 2011 – CR

01 Intro 
02 Cali Life (Feat. Dinero D.F.E.) 
03 Got The Flow (Feat. Mr. Groove) 
04 Ride Wit Me (Feat. Chino Grande, Midget Loco, Mr. Groove) 
05 Its A Suicide (Feat. Huero Snipes) 
06 Throwin It Up (Feat. Midget Loco) 
07 Fast Life (Feat. Zeya) 
08 R.I.P. Shady (Feat. Mr. Groove) 
09 Sick In The Mental (G'D Up John Doe) 
10 We On It (Feat. Doll-E Girl) 
11 Im Dying Inside (Feat. Huero Snipes) 
12 My Life (Feat. Oneks And G-Snipes) 
13 Im On The Frontline (Feat. Duffy Loko) 
14 Flashbacks 
15 Mira Como Vengo (Feat. Spanky Loco) 
16 My Sidekick (Feat. Lyrik) 
17 Cant Let You Go (Oneks And Lil Champ) 
18 Cant Stop The Hustle 
19 Hate And Pain (Feat. Young Spanks And Lyrik) 
20 W To Wn G-Life (Feat. G'D Up John Doe) 
21 Rise (Feat. No Sleep And Marla Lopez) 
22 No Quiero Morir (Feat. Young Spanks) 
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