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Goldtoes Presents-California Gold – 2009

01 Intro 
02 Califorina Gold (feat. Flame & Louie Loc) 
03 Be (feat. Mac Mall, Coolio Da Undadog & Naplam N Erruption) 
04 Put Yo Hood Up (feat. Louie Loc, Berner, & Alcatraz) 
05 925 to Da 415 (feat. Redeyes & Baldhead Ric) 
06 Interlude 
07 We Fly (feat. Mistah F.A.B.,City Shine & 4Fif) 
08 Interlude (feat. Baby Boss) 
09 I Wanna Feel Yo Body (feat. Matt Blaque) 
10 If I Can Be With You Tonight (feat. Jimmy Roses & Baby Boss) 
11 I Got Paystubs (feat. Vitti, Diego Red) 
12 It's the Turf (feat. Los Dogg, Guce & Mr. Kee) 
13 Purp Taste Great (feat. Berner) 
14 Baysho In Da Building (feat. Poison Ive, Johnny Boy, Boogie & Jimmy Jaws) 
15 Grip N Switch (feat. Koolwhip) 
16 Dats Da Business (feat. BT) 
17 Pimping, Macking, Hustling, Stacking (feat. Jay Tee & Alpha N Omega) 
18 Stay On the Black Top (feat. Capo The Don, Droop Tha Goon, Nasty Nate, & Swinla) 
19 The Stuntman (feat. Boogie Man,  Monique Martinez) 
20 I Be In These Streets (feat. Raw Gotti) 
21 Northpole (feat. Carlos Rosse) 
22 18 Dummy 
23 California (feat. Lil Ro, Lil' Raider & Alcatraz)