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I Am Joe Jack-Black Buddha – WEB – 2017 – ESG

01 Pass Me the Mic 
02 Wonder When I Ain't Around 
03 Feeling Paranoid 
04 Just Living My Life 
05 We Gone Get It Right (feat. Aeon the African & tha Real) 
06 I'm Good to Go 
07 Nothing Like (feat. 6'6 & a City) 
08 Wake up (feat. Ak Gunna) 
09 I Go Through It (feat. Hellz Flame) 
10 Man on Fire (feat. Rebelios Royale & Lil E tha Real Spitta) 
11 Hope to See a Better Day 
12 Fly Far Away (feat. S.B.) 
13 This My Weed Song (feat. Big Ben da Prodagy & S.B.) 
14 All I Do Is Smoke (feat. Stay Hi & S.B.) 
15 Smoking and Pouring up (feat. Stay Hi & Lil E tha Real Spitta) 
16 Really, Really Don't Give a Fuck (feat. Camo Dinero) 
17 Stay out My Way (feat. Big Ben da Prodagy & Ak Gunna) 
18 Haven't Convinced Me (feat. 6'6) 
19 Leave Nothing at All (feat. Sag 7)