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Juan Gotti And Carolyn Rodriguez-Dope La Familia – 2011 – CR

01 Great State Of TX (Feat. Nino) 
02 Champion (Feat. Dirty Mexican Zoe, G Man) 
03 This Girl (Feat. Papa Smurf) 
04 Ain't No Luv (Feat. Kid Frost, SPM) 
05 Move Around 
06 Get It Together 
07 Won't Back Down 
08 Gotta Go (Feat. Da Ryno) 
09 Gangsta Gurl (Feat. Zig Zag) 
10 Our Story (Feat. $muc) 
11 The Fallout 
12 I'm At It 
13 Guilty 
14 No Lie (Feat. Big Cease of Hata Proof) 
15 Come And Get Me (Feat. Archie Lee, Raw LT) 
16 Hit Me Up (Feat. Quota) 
17 Dope La Familia (Feat. SPM, Lucky Luciano) (Screwed Up By Lil Randy of S.U.C.) (Bonus Track)