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Killy Kill-Live Straps – 2010 – VAG

01 Gather All The Soldiers Up (Feat. Mankill & Brian Staks) (Produced By Tronzilla) 
02 Live Straps (Feat. G-Money, Zig Zag, RTZ, Yungsta & Tony TalkBox) (Produced By Tronzilla) 
03 Look At Me (Feat. Roca Dolla, Zig Zag, RTZ, Yungsta & Tony TalkBox) (Produced By Iroc) 
04 Hypnotic (Feat. Ashley Farag) (Produced By Zig Zag) 
05 Benjis (Feat. Rich Rico) (Produced By Santana Produkt) 
06 Not Me (Feat. Ms. Dee) (Produced By Tronzilla) 
07 Slow Suicide (Feat. Veronica Soto) (Produced By KDP) 
08 Chevy Music (Feat. Roca Dolla, Mankill & RTZ) (Produced By Iroc) 
09 Come Home (Feat. Chris Notez & KDP) (Produced By KBoogie) 
10 D It Down (Feat. Amy Ryan & B. King) (Produced By Iroc) 
11 No Place To Go (Feat. MC Bener One) (Produced By Iroc) 
12 Voices From The Hood (Feat. Skunk One) (Produced By Iroc) 
13 Sister (Produced By Tronzilla) 
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