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King-Perseverance – WEB – 2017 – ESG

01 Death Gon' Come (feat. Skari, Sav Sicc, Big No Love & Bleezo) 
02 Bring It Back (feat. Nicky C, Young Mackin & Louie Loc) 
03 I Already Go (feat. Conspiracy) 
04 Project Representative (feat. Yung Heck) 
05 No Lights (feat. Bigg Spank) 
06 Open Season (feat. Yung Cavi) 
07 Clap Clap Clap (feat. Sav Sicc) 
08 Shit On My Mind (feat. Bop, Fury & T-Nutty) 
09 Fo My Blocc Nigga (feat. Key Loom) 
10 Last Call (feat. Fury) 
11 West Coast (feat. Spun Loc) 
12 Paper Rocc Scissors (feat. D-Spade) 
13 Gangstaz Gangsta (feat. School & Mougab) 
14 Not Gonna Stop (feat. Stone Kold) 
15 Toast to the Real (feat. Trauma Unit & Fury)