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MC Magic-Magic City – 2006

01 Intro
02 Ride It Our (feat. Chingo Bling, Gemini and Guerrilla Black)
03 All My Life (feat. Nichole)
04 DJ Kane (feat. DJ Kane)
05 Sexy Lady (feat. DJ Kane)
06 Trippin (feat. Don CIsco, C-Note and Jay Tee)
07 Lies (feat. Krystal Melody)
08 Sin Ti (feat. Nichole)
09 Tenderoni (feat. JX3 and Marcos Hernandez)
10 So Fly, Pt. 2 (feat. Gemini)
11 Art Laboe
12 Be With You (feat. Zig Zag)
13 Passion (feat. Nichole)
14 Be My Lady (feat. Don Cisco)
15 Tell Me (feat. Kid Brown and True Breed)
16 Lets Pretend (feat. Sly)
17 Beautiful (feat. Zig Zag)
18 Crazy For You (feat. Gemini)
19 Slow Jam (feat. Zig Zag, Jay Tee and June Bug Slim)
20 Sunday Night Slow Jams
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