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Mo Money-To Live & Die in the SouthWest – 2021

01 A's up (feat. Swift G & Juan Gambino)
02 You Don't wanna fuck with us (feat. Swift G)
03 Gangster Love (feat. Angel Rodriguez)
04 Get that (feat. Mr. Shanks & Swift G)
05 Got the Gonja (feat. JBiggs)
06 Just the beginning
07 Mett me in the VIP (feat. Zig Zag, Heavenly & Juan Gambino)
08 One Night Stand (feat. Lil threat & Heavenly)
09 Still Love You (feat. DOLL-E GIRL)
10 Southwest Hustler (feat. Bamboozie, Billy Shakes & Swift G)
11 To Live & Die in the SouthWest (feat. Smoke Dawg)
12 Witch Way (feat. Nameless, Heavenly & Swift G)
13 New Day
14 Do for Money (feat. Mr. Shanks & Swift G)
15 Vijitos (feat. Swift G)