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Mr. Clever, Rudy Loko-Locos Album (2016)

01 Gangbang Shit (feat. Chito) 
02 Game Is Calling 
03 Bounce Bitch 
04 We Dont Play 
05 Coming out the Westcoast (feat. Emilio) 
06 Stuck in the 90s (feat. Chito) 
07 Riding in My Lowlow 
08 Brown Assassinss (feat. Chito) 
09 Southern California Locos 
10 Creep n Crawl (feat. Bandit) 
11 I Pledge to the Streets 
12 Caps Get Peel (feat. Tiny) 
13 Locos from the Varrio (feat. Mr. Capone-E) 
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