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SPM-Power Moves The Table – 2CD – FLAC – 1998 – CALiFLAC

[Disc 1]
01 Where My Soldiers At (Featuring Snipe, Chill, Rasheed) (Producer: Chief) 
02 Cali-Tex Connect (Featuring Frost) (Producer: Dope E) 
03 Illegal Amigos (Featuring Blunt Masta C, K-Sam, Nino, Elizabeth) (Producer: Wikit J) 
04 West Coast, Gulf Coast, East Coast (Featuring Baby Beesh, Frost, Rasheed, Low-G) (Producer: Baby Beesh) 
05 El Jugador (Featuring Low-G, Frost) (Producer: Mario Ayala) 
06 Y Must I (Featuring Pancho Villa, Tommy G) (Producer: Pancho Villa) 
07 Since Day 1 (Featuring Most Hated) (Producer: Shadow, DJ Filero) 
08 Studio Time (Featuring Rasheed, TJ, Frost, Dope E) (Producer: Dope E) 
09 Power Moves (Featuring Bushwick Bill & Nakia Rhone) (Producer: 2-Tone) 
10 Holla Atcha Later (Featuring D. Gotti, Double D, Chicken Hawk, Tyte Eyez) (Producer: Double D) 
11 Pass The Killa (Featuring Baby Beesh, Major Riley) (Producer: Science Batience) 
12 Peace Pipe (Featuring Lil Russ, 2-Tone) (Producer: 2-Tone) 
13 Wheel Watchers (Featuring Hillwood Hustlers) (Producer: Mario Ayala) 
14 Ghetto Tales (Featuring AC Chill, L.T.) (Producer: Big Mario, Tony R.) 
15 Runaway (Producer: SPM) 
16 VIP (Featuring Big Boss, Pancho Villa) (Producer: Big Boss) 

[Disc 2]
01 Intro "The Phone Call" 
02 The Forgotten Verse 
03 Cali-Tex Connect 
04 On Da Grind 
05 Ghetto Tales 
06 Y Must I 
07 Holla Atcha Later 
08 VIP (1 Verse) 
09 Mary Go Round 
10 Wheel Watchers 
11 Power Moves 
12 Where My Soldiers At 
13 Illegal Amigos 
14 Since Day 1 (1 Verse) 
15 Money Makin Houston 
16 Shout Outs