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SPM-The 3rd Wish To Rock The World – CD – FLAC – 1999 – CALiFLAC

01 High So High (Featuring: Marilyn Rylander) (Producer: Shadow Ramirez) 
02 Latin Throne (Featuring: Marilyn Rylander) (Producer: Sammy Huen) 
03 The 3rd Wish (Featuring: Grimm, Marilyn Rylander) (Producer: 2-Tone) 
04 Loyal Customers (Featuring: Rasheed) (Producer: Randy Jefferson) 
05 Creep With Me (Featuring: Smoke Dogg, Guero, Lil D & Lex) (Producer: Happy Perez) 
06 Thug Girl (Featuring: Low-G, Pimpstress) (Producer: Shadow Ramirez) 
07 Wiggy (Featuring: Baby Beesh) (Producer: Delwin "Mad Reel" Bell) 
08 Mi Ruka (Featuring: Low-G) (Producer: Happy Perez) 
09 Land Of The Lost (Featuring: Marilyn Rylander) (Producer: Hotan) 
10 Reminisce (Featuring: Rasheed) (Producer: Mario B) 
11 Hillwood Hustlaz (Featuring: Rasheed, Grimm) (Producer: Delwin "Mad Reel" Bell) 
12 Who's Overthere (Featuring: Low-G, Marilyn Rylander) (Producer: Happy Perez) 
13 Miss Perfect (Featuring: Ikeman) (Producer: Hotan) 
14 Ballaticians (Featuring: Hillwood Hustlaz) (Producer: Mario Ayalla) 
15 Don't Hide It (Featuring: Grimm, Bing, Ikeman) (Producer: Happy Perez) 
16 Valley (Featuring: Ikeman, Grimm, Pimpstress, Pancho Villa, Skrilla, Monster, Ace Deuce, LT, Shoe Lace, Rasheed, Star Baby, Mike Littles, Pranksta, OZ) (Producer: Shadow Ramirez)