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The Most Hated-Most Hated Militia – 2014 – GT4

01 Most Hated Militia (Feat. K-Rino)
02 Us Vs. Them (Feat. KB Da Kidnappa)
03 2nd Amendment Gorillaz
04 Showed The Most Love
05 Martial Law
06 Real Veterans
07 You’re Not My Friend (Feat. Ronnie Spencer)
08 Grab Your Glocks
09 List of Demands
10 I Keep It Gangsta (Feat. Milton Bradley & Ikeman)
11 Free Bing (Feat. Bing)
12 Super Soldiers (Feat. Rasheed, Frank Castle, Lee-Coc, Sur Este, Yung Fam, Big C, Hype, Lil Young, Mello, South Park Mexican & Bing)
13 Crime with No Tears (Bonus Track) (Feat. Bing)