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VA-Red Rag Ent. Bys Productions Presents Yungzters to Some G’s – 2015

01 Family Reunion / Milo G, Kc, Sammy Boy
02 Home of the Killaz (feat. Ange Loc, Joe) / Happy Locs
03 Red Zone (feat. Gezus, Kg, Yung Puppet) / Yung Affiliate
04 Mobbin (feat. Danny Boy / Milo G, Sammy Boy
05 Smashin (feat. Bruno) / Sammy Boy, Kc
06 Loked Out (feat. DG, Cuerpo) / Lokzter
07 Shoot'um Up (feat. Keekdogg) / Milo G, Kc, Sammy Boy
08 Got to Hustle (feat. Bruno) / Milo G, Sammy Boy
09 The Streets Raised Me (feat. Sapo) / Mr. Mentiroso
10 Observin (feat. Travi, Lou E Slicc) / Bmk
11 Everybody Knows Me (feat. Mr. Alamo, Chingaso, Loot Smith) / Chente Corleone
12 Sick Intentions (feat. Lil Bam Bam, Lil Dee) / Milo G
13 Fuck a Scrapa (feat. Casper Capone, Danny Boy) / Lil Sneaky
14 Panyo Rojo (feat. Danny Boy) / Milo G, Kc, Sammy Boy
15 Cali4nia Thugs (feat. Cali) / Milo G, Kc
16 Strivin (feat. Casper Capone, Eclipz) / Milo G
17 Step Back (feat. Milo G, Mr. Alamo, Unknown) / Chente Corleone
18 Continue to Do Our Thang (feat. Keekdogg) / Milo G, Sammy Boy
19 In Love with My Red Rag / Milo G, Kc, Sammy Boy
20 Life Is a Struggle / Milo G, Kc, Sammy Boy