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Yung Lou-City Lights – 2020

01 The Blueprint (Intro) [feat. Lucky Luciano]
02 Cruisin' (feat. Lil Lucky)
03 Get Paid (feat. Lucky Luciano & Alamo Andretti)
04 Hustle (feat. Eastside Skeez & Frank Benjamin)
05 Don't Know What I Did (feat. Ant Fisher)
06 Go Get It (feat. Alamo Andretti) (Remix)
07 Hold It Down
08 Do You Believe In Me? (Intermission) [feat. Lucky Luciano]
09 No Limit (feat. Ant Fisher)
10 Gotti's Interlude (feat. Juan Gotti)
11 City Lights (feat. BandoBaby Ckapa)
12 Where Are They Now (feat. BandoBaby Ckapa)
13 No Fear
14 Things Started To Change
15 A Big Opportunity (Outro) [feat. Lucky Luciano]
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