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Yung Puppz-Death Around the Corner – 2011

01 Intro (feat. Lil Teck)
02 Suckaz Wanna Hate
03 When We Ride (feat. Big Oso Loc)
04 Mob Hittaz
05 Phantom of the Opera (feat. Tokztero,Lil Teck,Lonely Boy)
06 Demonz n Pistolz (feat. Lil Bandit,Young C)
07 Dumpin (feat. T Sauce)
08 Northern Kali
09 Salas 2 the Bay (feat. Big Oso Loc)
10 All My Ridaz
11 Studio Gz (feat. Big Oso Loc,Negro)
12 Northern Affiliates (feat. Lonely Boy,Yantz)
13 Funk on Sight (feat. Shy)
14 Outro