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Yung Swoolah-Redrum – 2012

01 Plain and Simple (feat. Ad the Fast Gunnah & Pecoleone)
02 She so Sweet (feat. The Husalah)
03 Lifes a Bitch (feat. The Husalah, Jodie Jo & Kala Man)
04 Fa Most of My Life (feat. The Jacka)
05 Nann Nigga (feat. HD)
06 Live Long (feat. Stevie Joe)
07 Murder Show (feat. Lee Majors & Dubb20)
08 Black Spaceship (feat. Moses Music)
09 It's the M.O.B. (feat. Lil Swoo)
10 She Give Me Neck She Give Me Cake (feat. Sirealz)
11 Fuck Rappin (feat. Mob Fam Gang)
12 California Bear (feat. Sirealz)
13 Talk Is Cheap (feat. T Blast Holiday)
14 Only for Protection (feat. Laced, Chingaso & Ad the Fast Gunnah)
15 Pounds ah Green (feat. DJ Ghost & Recc)
16 Molly Ringwald
17 Don't Talk (feat. Young Koo)
18 What Is It to U (feat. Kr Smacka & Bkilled)
19 Loyalty Before Royalty (feat. Rellie Rell)
20 P Shit (feat. Pecoleone)
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